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Explore Styles

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing comes in various forms, from do-it-yourself plastic-glazed frames that can be clipped to the interior of a window and many others. Secondary glazing Installing secondary glazing allows you to keep your home warmer, reduce draughts and other annoying noises, and maintain your existing windows without replacing them. We have been manufacturing secondary glazing …

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Bay Windows

What Kind of Window Is a Bay Window? An arrangement of three or more independent window units is what we refer to as a bay window. Adding a bay window to a wall makes a projection that can be stood in and provides a fantastic location to sit and unwind inside while giving the room …

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Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows  are more energy efficient than double glazing because it has a third pane of glass. It keeps your house warmer, quieter, and safer. Read more.  Triple glazed windows  Triple-glazed windows with an A+ rating are the best way to keep your home warm and save energy. Your energy bills will go down …

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