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Explore Frames

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn Window  Many people choose tilt-turn windows for their homes because they are useful and can be used in many situations. There are two ways to open a tilt-turn window: fully, like a casement window, or turned from the bottom so that the top of the window faces into the room. This makes …

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Sash Windows

Sash windows  When it comes to traditional building and design, sash windows are the type of windows that open vertically.There are two fixed window sashes in a sash window, one in front of the other. These windows are more accurately called sliding sash windows. Frames for these windows have vertical grooves that let the units …

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Flush Casement Windows

FLUSH CASEMENT WINDOWS  Traditional Aesthetics Without the Typical Pitfalls of Traditional Windows In contrast to stormproof windows, which overlap in the frame, flush casement windows are a classic and elegant window solution. These windows have clean lines and fit flush into the frame, making them an attractive alternative to stormproof windows. This contributes to the …

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