Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows  are more energy efficient than double glazing because it has a third pane of glass. It keeps your house warmer, quieter, and safer. Read more. 

Triple glazed windows 

Triple-glazed windows with an A+ rating are the best way to keep your home warm and save energy. Your energy bills will go down because the third pane of glass keeps heat in better.

It is best to use triple glazing on windows that face north or don’t get a lot of natural light. When it comes to insulation, it works better than double windows here. That’s why not every room needs a triple-glazed window. Change the order of your windows to fit the side and front of your house.

How does Triple Glazing work?

There are three layers of glass in triple-glazed windows, one more than in double-glazed windows. An extra layer of a harmless gas, like argon, lies between the glass to keep it warm. 

Look at our Triple Glazing Option.

uPVC Door Opening

  • Up to an A+ rating for energy efficiency
  • UK’s most well-known
  • a Choice that saves money

Window Flush uPVC

Up to an A++ energy rating

Looks modern and expensive

Having a BBA

Window Tilt and Turn

  • Energy economy ratings of up to A
  • Having a BBA
  • Inward opening in two ways.

Bay and window

  • Customized sizes
  • You can get bow, square, or splay patterns.
  • Pick your layout and add colorful glass.

Why You Should Pick Triple Glazed Windows

Make better use of energy.

As usual, our triple glazing gets an A+ rating. With uPVC flush windows, it can get up to an A++ rating. Your bills will decrease because you will use less energy to heat your home when it is more efficient.

Boost the value of your home.

You can get a higher Energy Performance Certificate score if you install triple windows on your home. A better grade will make your home worth more.

Lessen the noise outside.

The three layers of glass keep outside noise from getting through your windows. Great for homes in cities and on busy roads.

Enjoy a warmer house.

The warmth in your room stays in because of the triple glass, which also keeps the cold out. They are great for cold rooms that don’t get much light because of this.

Brings down condensation

The extra insulation makes the glass pane inside warmer when you have triple windows. When humid air hits cold glass, this makes it less likely that condensation will form.

Frequently asked question 

Does triple glazing cut down on noise?

There are three panes of glass in triple glazing, which makes many people think it is more silent than double glazing. This doesn’t seem right; you must use both disruption and limited transference to stop soundwaves from traveling.Our double-glazed noise-reducing windows are a great choice if you care about noise pollution.

How long does it last to have triple glazing?

Triple glazing typically lasts twenty years, though this can change based on the quality of the window units and how well they were.Windows can, of course, last a lot longer than the manufacturer says they will. If they’ve been well taken care of, many homes have windows that are over thirty years old.

In some cases, it also depends on where the windows are located in the house. For example, a window that faces south and gets a lot of sun or a house that faces the coast will wear out faster because of the weather.

Should you get triple glazing?

It only costs 10–20% more than new double-glazed windows, but Everest triple glazing is five times more energy efficient than old double glazing. Triple glazing is very efficient, so it can help you build a house that puts out less carbon dioxide and needs less energy to heat.

Your home has fewer cold spots when you have triple glass. In the end, it’s your choice based on your own needs. But in the UK, triple glazing is becoming more popular as U-values become more important for homes and can help them get better EPC scores.

How much does it cost to have three windows?

You can make several choices when getting new windows that will affect the price of your new triple-glazed windows.

When comparing prices from different sellers, you need to ensure the quotes are the same. At Everest, our prices cover everything: the window, all of its parts and furniture, and installation, along with taking away your old windows and reusing them.

Triple glazing from Everest costs 10–20% more than double windows.Double-glazed windows can cost anywhere from £660 to £4,320 each, based on your chosen options. For example, bay windows cost 150% more than casement window frames.

Why is triple glass not a better option?

Many people have wrong ideas about triple windows that they think are “disadvantages.” Some “cons,” though, are just false beliefs. The truth is that triple-glazing is better than single and double-glazing windows, especially when saving energy, and there are no downsides.